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My Projects & Goals

I always want to be expanding, trying new things, and doing it in public. So this page is a public documentation of all the current projects I am working on and my current goals and asperations. This will update as time goes on but will be more regularly updated in my videos and my newsletter.

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Personal Brand

My first main project is my personal brand. My goal is to make fun commentary, fitness, comedy, and entrepreneurship videos on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. I also want to stream games on Twitch and do my weekly podcast "The Don vs World Show" and build an audience on Patreon. Having an audinece on all these platforms doing and talking about things I love will give me amazing freedom in my life and allow me to launch my other ideas/projects.



The other project I am currently working on is my eco-friendly brand "Altxtude". The goal with Altxtude is to raise awareness about the role big corporations play in polluting the planet while making eco-friendly items affordable and fun! Right now it is just me working on it and we're just selling some shirts, hoodies, and stickers. However, I plan to greatly expand this business in the future to sell anything related to sustainability, give others the ability to sell the same items, and create tech products that aid in the sustainability push. This is a long-term project that is in its very beginning stages!

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